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JM Electronic Engineering, Inc. offers a diverse range of life safety solutions, ensuring our communities have access to the best safety tools when and where they need them.

What We Offer


Fire Alarm

Patented in 1890, the fire alarm system has continued to progress in its reliability and accuracy, becoming a recognized necessity. Our company was founded on fire alarm, and we have extensive knowledge and experience in the field.



With sprinkler maintenance and repair available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our team quickly responds to your fire protection emergencies. We are certified, licensed, and tenured to meet your every need from installation to long term care.



The future of safety communications: ERCES is designed to deliver proper and trusted emergency response when it matters most.


Halo Smart Sensor

Hard to regulate disturbances can slip under the radar: until now. Meet the Halo Smart Sensor; designed to monitor common safety blind spots, and ensure safety for the vulnerable.


Cellular Communicators

Updating your systems may be easier than it seems. Cellular Communicators are a simple solution to a complex problem: the replacement of obsolete technologies.

Nurse-Call-Wandering-Residents1 copy

Nurse Call + Wandering Residents

We believe in safety for all; from infant to senior and everything between. We have worked with hundreds of senior living facilities to ensure their residents and respective families have peace of mind.


Electronic Security

Responsive and reliable safety solutions for any project scope; where innovation and quality workmanship meet.

Engineering Design

JM Electronic Engineering, Inc. is well-known for its engineering design, expertise, and accuracy. Design and engineering are performed completely in-house by a highly-skilled team of experienced and educated professionals.

Our engineering staff at JMEE is NICET certified in fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, and has been factory trained on fire alarm, camera surveillance, access control, nurse call, intrusion, intercom, and other low voltage systems.

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Our department staff performs all CAD design, voltage drop calculations, standby power calculations, and submittal package preparation. To increase the efficiency when reviewing and installing systems, our shop drawings and as-built record plans are drawn in color.

Our staff has worked with  local AHJs for decades and knows how to meet their expectations. We take the time to learn and understand the model building codes and the local amendments adopted by each municipality to avoid unwanted and expensive surprises down the road.  We want to give our clients a seamless workflow from start to finish, which is why we provide all of these design services in-house:

  • Autocad
  • Color Shop Drawing and As-Builts
  • NFPA Library for Code Reference
  • Detailed terminal drawings
  • Third Party Review



Our installation teams travel anywhere in Texas. From phased new-construction projects to complete renovations, JMEE has the experience. Our installation teams are tenured craftsmen that are certified, trained, and State Licensed. Our Install foremen lead the teams with NICET certifications and a degree in construction management and project safety.

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We work with some of the largest contractors in the state of Texas, and we understand the construction business. We have extensive knowledge of the construction schedule, as well as the requirements for proper communication with other trades. This enables us to complete our jobs on time and without delay.

When it comes to remodel projects, our team has years of experience meeting every need of the client while also respecting their business. We offer after-hours installation to accommodate our clients, and we understand the clean up procedure that comes with working in an occupied facility. Whether our team is working during the day or night, we pay special attention to our surroundings to ensure our clients and their patrons get the highest quality care.

Emergency Service

We have four technicians on call at all times and our service department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide you with the best level of care by answering the phone with a live person instead of an automated system, and we offer direct phone access to licensed technicians who are NICET certified.

In addition to our team’s industry knowledge, we maintain an extensive library of technical equipment manuals to aid in the troubleshooting of new and old systems. We have resources for (and an inventory of) obsolete parts that can keep an older system maintained until it is time to be replaced. With over 25 licensed technicians on staff, many years of experience, and an inventory of industry resources, you can feel comfortable knowing we are here when you need us.

Inspection and Testing

JM Electronic Engineering, Inc. offers inspection, testing, and maintenance services for

  • Fire alarms
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Kitchen fire suppression
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Automatic external defibrillators
  • Eye wash stations
  • Elevator recall
  • Nurse call systems
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Our inspections and testing comply with TDADS, TDHS, national, state, and local fire codes. We hold all necessary licenses, including Underwriter Laboratories (UL) listings, to guarantee your systems are up to code and your exposure is minimized. Our testing technicians are well trained and carry local and NICET certifications.

Following a performance test, we produce a complete testing and inspection report that identifies the following:

  • Each individual device tested and its performance
  • Recommended modifications and upgrades
  • System failures and required repairs


We offer the following service and maintenance advantages:

  • UL certified service organization
  • On-call 24-hour emergency maintenance response service, with locally stocked replacement parts
  • Extensive testing and inspection by qualified and certified technicians
  • Expand existing systems to support customer needs and tenant improvements
  • Inspect and audit each system to identify any discrepancies or code violations

24-Hour Monitoring

JMEE can provide 24-hour monitoring of your fire alarm, fire sprinkler, nurse call systems, and elevator phones. The central station used by JMEE is located in Austin, Texas, and is UL Listed to provide you with friendly service and peace of mind that your system is monitored with the best equipment available.