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We believe in safer Texas communities,

which is why we provide diverse solutions for our fellow Texans.  Our scope of work ranges from residential to commercial and anything between.  We are here to educate you and equip you to handle the equipment we install; giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection is the first line of defense for most homes and businesses. These safety measures include: motion sensors, glass break sensors, and door alarms; all of which provide early alert of intrusion to the consumer.

If you already have these measures in place, please be aware that there are common problems that can interrupt this important safety tool.

Because traditional communications are being replaced by advanced digital wireless networks, if you are using VoIP with a cable modem (or a cell phone) as your primary business communication, you need to be certain that a reliable connectivity link exists for your alarm signal to reach Central Station.

Using the same technology found in millions of cell phones, our GSM digital radios help ensure that your alarm system will continue to function without interruption.

Video Surveillance

At JM Electronic Engineering, Inc., we offer a cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution that gives our customers the best security, features, and capabilities.

Our customers can view Live video, as well as stored footage, from their mobile devices (Android and IOS) in order to monitor their facilities from anywhere in the world.

Our video surveillance equipment provides the highest level of cyber security and reliability. The cloud-based solution gives you everything at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. This means less headaches and less equipment for our customers.

Access Control

For our commercial clients, intrusion detection and video surveillance are good tools, however more measures may need to be taken to ensure proper safety protocols are met.

Access Control allows entry only to specified personnel. The personnel is outfitted with a credential (key fob, ID badge, swipe access, etc.) that allows access to specified doors or even to all doors.

Fully customizable personnel profiles allow owners to allow or limit entry on a person to person basis. Software for the access control system also allows owners to see historical time stamps of each credential in use.

A prime security measure, access control is a versatile tool that can be integrated with a number of other systems. For example, video surveillance systems are often integrated with access control systems in order to prompt video surveillance cameras to take a six second video when credentials are engaged. This gives owners, not only a written timestamp, but a visual timestamp as well.

In card access installation, it is important to have low-voltage electrical experience, coupled with a deep knowledge of door hardware. Door access control can get very complicated, and there are a number of compatibility issues that can occur during installation. We have skilled tradesmen with years of experience to ensure your system is installed, tested, and reliable.

In addition, we work directly with our vendors and distributors, in order to ensure that each system is reliable and durable. Your system is designed and installed using the best possible equipment, with the best possible installation plan.

If you’d like to discuss the many capabilities of access control technology, we would be happy to help you make an informed decision that keeps you, your team, and your patrons safe.