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The Death of POTS Lines

Why Cellular Works for You

Over 90% of fire alarms and elevator monitoring systems still use POTS (plain old telephone lines) to communicate with emergency call centers.

But, because cellular has replaced the POTS system at large, many telephone companies are moving away from the high cost of maintaining this sparsely used technology.

With this in mind, numerous establishments are in danger of moving to other systems quickly and during high demand (as others will be in the same need) when their telephone providers pull the plug on old systems and phone lines.

The good news is that a solution to the problem is readily available. Cellular Communicators can replace POTS lines quickly and efficiently, are more cost-effective, and provide long-term reliability.

Why Choose Cellular Communicators?

With new cellular communicators available to replace these lines nearing extinction, why is this technology so underutilized?

Here are the top reasons cellular communicators are the forerunners in safety communications and why moving to cellular is easy, affordable, and responsible.


Customers often stay with POTS (plain old telephone service) because they worry that cellular will compromise the reliability of their fire alarm and elevator emergency communications. Cellular Communications are highly reliable. Outfitted with dual SIM technology, the devices automatically and continuously select the strongest and most reliable of the two networks.


The perception in business is that landlines cost less. In reality, the cost of cellular communicators services is cheaper. Due to the demanding maintenance of landlines and their reduced use, companies need more infrastructure to support the outdated technology, making it more expensive for the customers who choose it.


Interruption to business is the last thing any establishment wants. The thought of installing a new system seems disruptive and trivial, if not an immediate necessity. Luckily, Cellular Communicators are non-invasive installations that are same-day ready. There are no extra burdens for the business—just a seamless, reliable, and economical impact.


The FCC has already approved sunset dates for network POTS lines. Waiting until forced to go to cellular will only create decreased business efficiency. No one wants to be in a pinch when a sudden demand hits the market and supplies and installers are limited. Switch to cellular today and have peace of mind for the longevity of your emergency communication requirements.


Several of our clients have not only discovered the benefits of Cellular on the communications safety front but also in their business efficiency. Instead of paying for landline monitoring separately from fire alarm monitoring, they benefit from one provider for both. Cellular Communicators are a great addition to any business. Contact us today to learn more about how it can serve you.